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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi Ted, thanks for reply. It's the dual rotor magnets facing each other in attraction that does the trick. As Garry pointed out, the field is compressed there, so no deflection occurs and the flux is dense that way. Believe me Ted, I tried using cores with my old motor and it ran worse and drew more current as a result, so i went back to air core and it flew and used less current doing so and if i grabbed the shaft it burned my hand in short time. Maybe using ferromagnetic cores might be ok if used in something like the Kawai motor, but in a typical motor it seems to detract. I would recommend building a small pulse motor like Garry's design with the dual rotors and thin air-cores and see for yourself, what is what. I'll post a pic later of my progress on my motor. I have the structure almost done, working on winding the thin coils.
peace love light
Nice work so far on your motor.
I'll take your word on the torque. After all, you built one and tested it and I'm just talking out of my ass.
This air core concept is intriguing. I'd like to do some experiments when I get some time.

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