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Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. As far as the diode, testing will see what happens and I can assure you there is plenty of torque in these motors. The main reason I am building another one of these is because the first model of the motor ran awesome and since i was experimenting with Don Smith's device #9, I see possible similarities here. In both, we have 2 magnets extending there fields through coils to connect with each other at a bloch wall in space and in both we are interrupting this connection. In the case of Garry's pulse motor, it is claimed that with the help of the space between the coils, when coil attraction pulse is applied, the neo magnet bloch wall is interrupted and the coil flux moves faster in opposite direction to magnet movement. There is a theme going on here between these 2 devices. Also, the flyback output with the parallel/series wiring is not at the level you think, it is far less than normal Bedini type setups, though with complicated switching could be. I am drilling holes in stator and end plates today and making more coils.
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