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Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
I don't think we can just use any HV maker. The document specifically state DC:

I think it should be rectified. Maybe with 32 x 1N4007 in series.

I found my circuit produce mostly DC. I think any circuit must be tested with neon bulb to see if the output is AC or DC. I think joule thief HV coil output is AC.
Most of the ones I have are DC
The difference is that detail of where you call the center line. The MK1 has so many spikes going both ways that the scope will show it as ac and a cap will make a sine wave.

This is from the pdf I got:
Improved Fish-Farming
A new procedure is described, based on the short-term application of electrostatic fields,
which results in useful and desirable qualities of fish.
Aquariums (insulator) with fish-eggs are put between two electrodes of a capacitor. The
direct voltage can vary from 1 to a couple of 10000 volts.
Because there is no electric current, the chemical identity of the system “fish” is not
The eggs stay in the field until the “little” fish start to slip. Then they are brought into
bigger aquariums and raised. These fish are more vital and grow up earlier than the ones,
which were not put into an electrostatic field. The most used voltage varies between 100-
10000V(most special: 300-3000V) the distance between the electrodes depends on the
size of the aquarium, but preferable it should be between 1-10cm.
Since they make the point that there is NO current, I think it does not matter whether the source is AC or pulsed DC. It is high voltage no current that is what works here.

The infinitely high, infinitely narrow spikes are what I believe make the magic.

That is new. Most people here said to feel sick around them. I guess I am not alone with radiant circuit that can produce good vibe
Really from a joule thief?
I miss it when there is not one going in a room!
Love that HV high frequency. That is where I am going! (into the HV high frequency)

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