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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi Ren, thanks for the reply. I just posted that to show what he was doing i assume. My circuit will be somewhat different and will be collecting flyback Bedini style as I did in the previous model of Garry's motor. In my previous motor the flyback was somewhat subdued maybe cause the parallel series circuit and/or because air-core. I cut the stator plate and end plates, it is actually high density fiberboard.
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You actually won't get the torque out of the motor if you do and there are some dangers involved in collecting the fly back from a 96 volt system (if your using that). Take into account you have 12 coils and say 200 turns. Start out with 96 volt your gonna get somewhere in the range of 300 to 400 volts on the step up. (Thats not exact math).
If you discharge that back to your batteries they won't be long for running. Especially the first one it hits.

The reason he points the diode back is a very good one. If say you fire the coils to push the magnet away in one direction. Then you reload the coil with the fly back in reverse direction, to attract the next set of magnets at the same time your stepping the voltage up to a point it probably has no "umph" and redepositing the energy into the positive side of the battery for recollection.

I think its rather novel approach, and I love how simple it is. I am going to give it a test and see on one of mine. I don't think I have ever tried that configuration.


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