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Originally Posted by jeanna View Post
Tesla's high voltage ozone maker might be easily adapted.
I don't think we can just use any HV maker. The document specifically state DC:
direct current between the two of them
I think it should be rectified. Maybe with 32 x 1N4007 in series.

I found my circuit produce mostly DC. I think any circuit must be tested with neon bulb to see if the output is AC or DC. I think joule thief HV coil output is AC.

Here is mine:

The leg that coiling the other is negative dominant. Don't install the car coil backward. If you use transformer, use neon bulb or candle light. The negative part will lit the electrode and blow wind to candle fire.

Originally Posted by jeanna View Post
And, the joule thief can get to 300v and with a boost can go to over 1,000v. It makes me wonder if this is the reason the room feels so good when there is a joule thief circuit being used for the lighting.
That is new. Most people here said to feel sick around them. I guess I am not alone with radiant circuit that can produce good vibe .

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