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My garden is under way...rock dust, biochar, fungi

Well thanks to all the people on here who research and dig and bring information here I was able to learn enough to get a very nice garden going this season.

It's my first garden because it's the first year I've had the space to do one.

I have some pictures showing the comparison of normal dirt that's been ammended with aged manure for the past 30 years or more, and has most likely had chemical fertilizers added from time to time.

Then in my raised bed I have a mixture of coco fiber, vermiculite, aged manure, biochar, rock dust, and mycorrhizal fungi.

The plants are pictures of cabbage starts bought from a local greenhouse. They were the same size when bought. But the pictures of the smaller ones in the regular dirt were planted a week earlier than my raised bed. So they had a jump start to get going. But that extra week didn't help em.

Now lets see if I can get these pictures linked over. If not I'll add a link to another post I made on another forum. I know I can't upload the photos cus I've tried that before and I just tried it again. But I thought I could somehow just put in a link of a photo that was already on the internet. I'm gonna post this before I lose it, then I'll try to figure out this picture thing.

("hmmm, I dunno. I can get the pictures in here now, but they're HUGE.")

Oh I figured I may mention a neat recipe I think I saw on called the everlasting fencepost. It's what I used on my raised bed frames so they wouldn't rot. Take some of your biochar and crush it as much as possible. The more powder the better. Then add it to boiled linseed oil. And use that to paint your wood frames. I added enough biochar to the oil so it was nice and dark when painted on.
If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.

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