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His configuration is great for a "motorized" generator, which is undoubtedly what he's after.
Does he use air core coils? Otherwise the magnets would have a problem releasing the coil. I assume he was using ferrite magnets?
The circuit is screwy. If you use that circuit with neo's you'll blow your transistor. I'd be surprised if the collapse pulse wouldn't blow it too. Note: if you use a mosfet you'll want to have a path to ground for the base or it won't shut off.
Using both sides of the coil is an excellent idea. You can get a much higher flux density through the coil that way. This increases both torque and BEMF.
The diode across the transistor is for protection. Many MOSFETs and IGBTs have one built right into to them. It's called the "freewheeling diode".
This looks like an excellent project to dive into. I firmly believe that a motorized generator can be built and this could be a likely candidate for just that. I look forward to your test results.

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