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Garry Stanley Pulse Motor

Hi folks, I am just about ready to start building a true Garry Stanley pulse motor. I built one before that worked great, but I did not use the thin coils with a space in between the coil pair. Mine will be a little bit smaller than the one shown on his bike, although i read he changed the design to six magnets per rotor and 6 coil pairs making that 12 coils total and he said it worked better. Mine will have similar thin coils at 1/8" thick by 1-3/4" diameter with 1" hole since I'm using 1" diameter neo magnets. Center stator plate will be 3/8" thick hard wood and coils will sit on outside of this stator plate same as Garry's design was. I have read everything I could get my hands on regarding his comments and he said some very interesting things about his motor design that I was able to understand. Regardless of the seemingly abrupt end to his work being public, i feel his motor design is unique and worthy of further study.
Here are a few pics of his pulse motor and a diagram.

All comments greatly appreciated.
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Edit: I'm doing my best to recover the images, etc. in this thread, by request of darediamond.

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