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Thank you Dave, this is wonderful information.
A couple of things come to mind.

Tesla's high voltage ozone maker might be easily adapted.

The basic induction coil wow. I couldn't stand the noise but it could work.

And, the joule thief can get to 300v and with a boost can go to over 1,000v.
It makes me wonder if this is the reason the room feels so good when there is a joule thief circuit being used for the lighting.

Maybe the secondary ends can stimulate a couple of Al plates, which could be held close to the fruit or the seeds
It might be an easy thing to try.

The plants in the plant battery which are running joule thief circuits and therefore surrounded by high frequency high voltage spikes with no current certainly are thriving. (and they are not very high voltage, either...just spikes.

But, yes, keep away from animals. Stick with food plants.

There is a very easy to make electrostatic generator described by Morris(?) from Tufts in his book called "Ben Franklin My lab Partner" It uses a piece of fake fur and aluminum foil and a turning wheel. A cheapo van de graff generator, or wimhurst maachine.

This is certainly an interesting direction for more research.

This is something like what some researchers are saying happens to seeds that have been treated to crop circle excitation. Those plants become drought resistant and mature quickly. (but no one has said they revert to a more ancient genome. wow.)

thank you,

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