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Originally Posted by nvisser View Post
I did not try that one either
I posted it so you could see how to connect the load.
It sounds like you found something extraordinary!!
Could you tell us more as that spikes surely sound like what we all were chasing and most could not find.
To make this TS work we do need an extra high energy spike from somewhere like the high voltage negative spike that JB gets from the MJL transistors
What loads did you use and did you get any charging?
It was a simulation only. With a couple of 1:10 transformers as loads.
My actual TS is 70% (need a few parts) done and I cannot reproduce the effect right now, nor measure the frequency.
I used livewire to simulate the 6 batt. setup (it has no freq meter ) and found what I showed in the picture. Could be a software flaw, or not. We'll see.
I'm glad that we can set things in motion once again.
Good luck to everyone!


P.S. Have anyone tried a Tesla pancake coil as a TS load? Or a transformer built as such?
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