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Originally Posted by Bit's-n-Bytes View Post
@Matt, you know I am always around. The transformer is being driven just of of the inverter, and the inverter is being driven right from a 12V batt on the charge side.

Does this help?

But a while back you made a video with the transformer(8 -10 pages ago). Is that the same thing you just gave a schematic for or was the transformer the load, period with no driving device.

I gotta step up my output from 13.6 volt AC (unrectified switch output) to somewhere around 17 volt unrectified. SO I am wondering If I need to use a transformer with a driver, or is it possible to just drive the transformer with the switch.

I'll probably have to build it or buy some big thing to actually make it work.

My only other option is to step up the whole switch to 24 volt again and knock down the voltage by using a large high loss diodes in the rectifier. Use 12 diodes in series instead of 4 singles for a rectifier.

The inverter I have drops the potential at the bridge rectifier down sa far that my switching times have to stay short. I can run the entire switch at real high speed but the problem is even worse. And the long runs seem to be more conservative.

I hope you follow what I am saying.

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